Things to Do

Mae Hong Son is known for its diverse culture from many hill tribes. It is the home of the Lisu, Karen, Lahu, and Shan people to name a few. 

Our district Pang Ma Pha is surrounded by hundreds of prehistorical caves that were occupied by cavemen many thousand years ago. Tham Pi Man is a great example of that. This cave contains some of the largest prehistorical Coffins made from teak to bury the VIPs of that time. Almost like how they treat the Pharos in Egypt.

9km from here sits the world famous Lod Cave ( Tham Lod ) where a river flows through the cave. Tham Lod is spectacular on its own. The ladies in the village have organised Kerosene Lanterns and local guides to take you through the cave. The men handcrafted their own Bam Boo Rafts to help you passage through the cave. In the early morning or late evening the bird show begins. The Bats who feed at night flies into the cave in the morning and out in the evening. The swifts on the other hand, flies in at night and out in the morning. So you’re left with this spectacular show where hundreds of thousands of birds and bats flying in and out of the cave.

In winter, you can experience the most amazing Sea of Clouds. To get the most out of your day, there is a loop you can do to see the Sea of Clouds in multiple locations. First place to see is Jabo village, set high in the mountains, it gives you a fantastic view. After you’ve checked out Jabo continue to Tham Lod village on the back road. There are several more villages you can visit along the way. San Wua Tor is also a great spot to observe the Sea of Clouds.

There are many free things to do around this area where you can go on your own. We also offer Adventure Tours and Private Guided Tours for Sightseeing. 

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