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To Lod Cave
0 Minutes
To Jabo
20 Minutes
To pai
0 Minutes
To ban ruk thai
0 Minutes
Aerie Lodge located in Soppong Pang Ma Pha is at the heart of cultural richness, surrounded by unique hill tribe villages and their traditions. Our area is famous for its underground wonders, with over 200 caves to explore, offering a gateway to adventure and discovery.
Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Subterranean Adventure

Experience of a lifetime

From ฿1200 / Person
Full day adventure
Nam Lang Cave
From ฿1200 / person
black & white water
From ฿300 / person
River flows through cave
Nam Lod Cave
From ฿1200 / person
Up the stream
Nam Hoo Cave
From ฿1200 / person
Outdoors trekking
One day Trek to Karen Village
From ฿100 / g
Cannabis Farm
Nirun Ganja
฿100 / person
Good morning
Sunrise @ Sun Wua Tor
From ฿2500 / person
Overnight Trek
2 & 3 Days Trek to Hill Tribe Village
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Clean sheets daily at your request.

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Tham Nam Lod

Lod Cave, also known as Tham Lod, is a spectacular cave system located in the Mae Hong Son province of northern Thailand. The cave is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to marvel at its natural beauty and explore its intricate passageways.

Sunset near Myanmar Border

Amazing sunset across the Myanmar border.

Wang Pla

Gigantic native river fish resides under what used to be a fig tree by the thousands.

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