Riverside Cafe @ Aerie Lodge

Easy breakfast by the riverside is a good start to any day. We have prepared some of the most famous dishes to serve for breakfast. 

Great for families with children and couples and anyone really. 

Try our original Pancake or freshly made Waffle if you want a sweet start to your day.

Breakfast Menu

*Please let us know when you check in if you want Breakfast by the deck overlooking the river and we can prepare it for you.

Hot oatmeal porridge served with sliced bananas and honey.


Freshly pan fried Bacon, Scramble Eggs or Sunny side, Toast with Butter & Jam.


A plate of mix fruit including Banana, Mango, Watermelon whatever is in season.


Dinner Menu

Our signature dinner set starts off with our local Shan Kang Pong ( Papaya Tempura with Herbs ) to get your tastebuds starting followed by 3 main dishes Free Range Chicken Larm, Fresh Fish Larm, Seasonal Vegetables and Wild Mushroom Larm to have with the traditional Kao Larm. To finish off the meal we have prepared the OG Kao Larm Krati sticky rice infused with coconut milk cooked in Kao Larm Bamboo over hot coal and fire.

What the locals eat. Nam Prik Oop ( Traditional Shan Vegetarian chilli powder made from dried fermented soybean discs toasted over hot coal until it puffs up ground into powder cooked with Shallot & Tomatoes ), Makua Oop ( Eggplant braised until soft with Chilli powder, Shallot and Tomatoes ) and Moo Oop ( Thinly sliced pork belly tossed with Galangal, Lemongrass, Shallots, Chilli and Tomatoes followed by a spinkle of Tumeric ). Finishing off with the famous Kao Tom Kluay ( Sticky rice mixed with Fully Riped Banana steamed in Banana leaves ) No added sugar!


Thinly sliced pork belly with fresh vegetables cooked by yourself on a Thai BBQ / Hotpot


A la carte whatever you feel like just tell our staff if we have it we'll make it.


Freshly filleted Fish & Chips with Tartare sauce and Lemon.


Succulent Free Range Chicken & Chips with Tartare sauce and Lemon.



Cold Soft Drinks

Coke ฿40
Sprite ฿40

Hot Drinks


Fruit Juice

Alcoholic Drinks

Singha ฿60