High Ganja Cafe

We are 1 hour motorbike ride from Pai. You don’t even have to stay here just come hang out by the river and smoke some dope arse weeeeed.

Our flowers are 100% Organic it’s so organic you can see the Aphids. Bloody Aphids, can’t get rid of them. We use Organic Bat & Bird Shit or Guano for you fancy folks to fertilise our girls.
The unique Guano we get from the cave provides our Cannabis Flowers with essential nutrients. We can go on all day about how the plants are cared for… you can come and ask us when you get here. 

Anyways, here are some of the products and services we offer.
☘️ Organic cannabis flowers – also known as Weed, Bud, Ganja, Dope, Green, Buddha, Chronic, Phee, Poon, Tui.
Some of the strains include
  • Critical Mass
  • OG Kush
  • Purple Runtz ( made that up )
  • Big Compressed
  • Wasabi ( made that up )
  • Skunk #99

and many more on their way to maturity.

🪐 Volcano Vaporiser – One of the healthiest methods of consuming Cannabis. We provide balloons that store the super potent vapour for you to inhale.

💧 Riverside location baby – What’s better to do than to get super stoned and chill by the river or in the river. Maybe get some fruit shakes while you’re there.

🛖 Accommodation – For those who get too High and can’t be bothered to ride back to Pai or wherever you came from, we have some of the best rooms in the area.

😍 Last but most important – You will be in our care. Don’t worry friend we won’t let you get a bad trip from smoking too much weed. We found that the best way to combat Yellowness ( Lueng as the Thais call it ) is to have good company and cold watermelon. Then you’ll be laughing your balls off after that.

Breakfast Menu

*Please let us know when you check in if you want Breakfast by the deck overlooking the river and we can prepare it for you.

Hot oatmeal porridge served with sliced bananas and honey.


Freshly pan fried Bacon, Scramble Eggs or Sunny side, Toast with Butter & Jam.


A plate of mix fruit including Banana, Mango, Watermelon whatever is in season.



Cold Soft Drinks

Coke ฿40
Sprite ฿40

Hot Drinks


Fruit Juice

Alcoholic Drinks

Singha ฿60
Chang ฿55